One more!
One more!I consciously say one more instead of ‘the last’ of this or that. One more ski run down the slope.. one more loop around the lake before the legs fall off. One more trail to send on the bike before sunset. One more winter adventure on snowshoes here in the Swiss Alps. Before we knew, the snow… Continue reading One more!
Injury.. how we deal with it living in the mountains
Staying strong and focused I’m often asked what the hardest part was training for Everest and the Seven Summits. I found staying injury free the biggest challenge! Day in and day out you stress your muscles, joints and ligaments training like a professional athlete but with a full time job and no access or time… Continue reading Injury.. how we deal with it living in the mountains
Avalanche Safety Course
Avalanche Safety CourseWhen it comes to winter and mountain skills, I realised I didn’t have the relevant knowledge to plan tours and stay safe in the mountains. I want to be confident in the outdoors and know where danger lies and how we can avoid getting into trouble. Being able to read the snow and… Continue reading Avalanche Safety Course
Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice BabyThe ‘Seven Summits’. What’s next? Everyone asked. Unless you go to the Moon, you can’t climb higher than Chomolugma and I wasn’t interested in another 8,000m peak.Learning new skills however, and pushing my mind and body out of my comfort zone is a different pie. I wanted to wait until the next project… Continue reading Ice Ice Baby
She-Devil Legend has it that unwary hunters would follow a beautiful, flame-haired mountain nymph, only to disappear forever – the Diavolezza is said to get its name from this she-devil.After leaving the car park, I spend the lower section of the climb shaking my arms to get the blood flowing into my hands. Fingers are… Continue reading She-Devil
Training Together Q&A
Tent for 1 or 2?In our working and private lives, we can walk alone or with a partner. Sometimes we have no choice and have to stomp in the deep snow by oneself. We are all different individuals. Some of us like going on solo adventures, others strive when they have their partner, friend or… Continue reading Training Together Q&A
9 Months Out
9 Months OutStepping into 2022, the year we’ll attempt an unclimbed mountain in the Nepal Himalayas, we realised it was time to make plans how we’re going to train for the expedition.This project is the reason we venture out in freezing cold temperates for a run (-15C is quite balmy here at the moment!) and… Continue reading 9 Months Out

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