Tent for 1 or 2?

In our working and private lives, we can walk alone or with a partner. Sometimes we have no choice and have to stomp in the deep snow by oneself. We are all different individuals. Some of us like going on solo adventures, others strive when they have their partner, friend or a family member along with them on the journey.


This is going to be new experience for Max and I as we are both used to working and training in different ways. Preparing for and going on a major expedition is just like every other part of our lives though. We have to learn to adapt and adjust, be flexible and sometimes grind even harder.


We thought it would be fun to have a Q&A so people can get to know us a little bit better!

How do you feel about training together?

A: I’ve been on a few runs, hikes, bike trips with others in the past while training for the Seven Summits but never had a training partner before. I just prefer the flexibly of training when and where I can, and I try to make the most of my day. It sometimes means 6am runs and after work speed hikes. It will take some getting used to, but so far I’ve had a lot of fun training with Max!

M: Training with others was normal in the past. A few years ago a group of three of us pushed each other in the gym like every day to be well prepared for playing American football. The same happens at the training – you grow as a team! But to be honest, it’s not easy to fiend training partners with the same mindset.

Of course everyone is different and need special training for the body type but with Alex it feels like we fit together.

What are the advantages of training with someone else?

A: For me there are so many advantages. Max is strong and fast and I’ve already noticed a change in my running speed. To have someone by your side who pushes AND supports you is something completely new to me. Even though we are quite similar, we have different strengths and

weaknesses and I’m committed to use my strengths to help Max improving and make us stronger. The other great thing about training together is that we get to know each other on a completely different level, well before we set off on the First Ascent climb. It’s also an amazing feeling to high five after a workout and double up on the endorphin! 😀

M: Alex is so experienced in mountaineering and handling the conditions, I realized that I could learn a lot from her!

And there must be some parts she can learn from me too – so it is about growing closer and shaping into a perfect team while we support and push each other!

What could be better?! 🙂

Any downside of having a training partner?

A: Having to share my favourite snacks! Haha of course I’m happy to share. Training hard pushing the body to the limit can bring out a lot of emotions. When you’re alone nobody sees the pain and struggle on your face. But I believe going through this journey together will makes us a stronger team!

M: Having a snoring tent partner is not easy to handle but, oh wait, I’m the one who snores haha. Ok just joking, really looking forward to share all upcoming adventures and training with Alex! I believe in us as the perfect team and the journey ahead is really exciting!

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