9 Months Out

Stepping into 2022, the year we’ll attempt an unclimbed mountain in the Nepal Himalayas, we realised it was time to make plans how we’re going to train for the expedition.

This project is the reason we venture out in freezing cold temperates for a run (-15C is quite balmy here at the moment!) and stuffing weight into our rucksacks for snowshoe hikes up steep mountains.

We are both used to pushing our bodies to the limit and beyond. Max has been playing American Football since 2015 and is addicted to different sports.

I climbed the Seven Summits (the highest mountain on every continent) and raced triathlons in the past. Since summitting Everest, I’ve qualified as a Mountain Leader, a British Athletics Running Leader and a Mountain Bike Guide. I still race on my crosscountry mountain bike

and love exploring and running the local trails in the summer, and snowshoeing, ski touring in the winter here in Switzerland.


Living in the Alps has the obvious advantages besides being at altitude. We have access to amazing mountains where we can train all year around, and winter here is very much like what it’s going to be in the Himalayas (think sudden dump of snow, frozen tent, sub zero temperatures, changeable weather conditions, strong sunshine…)


Even though we are both athletic people, we’re treating this challenge of attempting a previously unclimbed mountain with the most respect. We will train hard, we will surely suffer sometimes, but we are truly excited about what lies ahead.


Stayed tuned for next time when we chat about the advantages and disadvantages of having a expedition training partner!

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