Staying strong and focused

I’m often asked what the hardest part was training for Everest and the Seven Summits. I found staying injury free the biggest challenge! Day in and day out you stress your muscles, joints and ligaments training like a professional athlete but with a full time job and no access or time for daily massages and physio sessions. 

During the last 3 months of the Everest training period, I took a day off every two weeks. I often trained twice a day, before and after work, and when I could I used my lunch breaks as well to exercise. I found a good combination of strengthening, endurance and aerobic workouts helped me to stay strong. 

I did sell my snowboard because it was too tempting to learn new skills but I knew the risk to pick up an injury was too high. 

To be honest, most injuries (mine and people I know) come from silly little mistakes like stepping into a hole in the ground while walking or falling down the stairs which is exactly what happened to Max a week ago. 

Memories of breaking my foot in 2020 came flooding back remembering 6 weeks of hell not being able to move to Alps in May, ride my bike or even to walk to the bathroom. Fortunately in Max’s case it’s different and the x-ray confirmed his ankle wasn’t broken. Phew! 

Taking the first day or two easy was necessary but I could tell it must have been difficult for him not to join me training on my day off.. so I suggested Max takes the cable car up Diavolezza station, I go fast & light on snowshoes up the mountain and we meet at the top for a hot punch. 

I knew just to be outside and breath the fresh mountain air would be a a huge mood booster for Max even if he couldn’t run up or ski down it. 

I found Max working away on his laptop at the Diavolezza Bergstation (2.973m) and testing the Powertraveller Phoenix 40 charger. 

We sat outside for a bit, enjoying one of the most stunning views one could wish for, healing the body and relaxing the mind. 

M: All I wanted to do was to complete the move from Germany to Switzerland and start focusing on the training in the mountains.

It really sucks it happened but I’m staying positive and focus on the goals. We’re trying to make the best of the situation.

The priority now is to get healthy as soon as possible.

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