In autumn 2024, Alex and Max are going to attempt to climb a peak that no one has ever climbed before in the Nepal Himalayas. They will be supported by Mike Hamill, one of the world’s premier high altitude mountain guides with over 20 years of experience and a group of incredible Nepali Sherpas.

The team will spend a month in the mountains; trekking to and setting up Base Camp, acclimatise, establish a route to the summit and attempt to get to the top and back down safely. Alex and Max will be documenting the 8 months of training and preparation leading up to the First Ascent, as well as the expedition.

Details of the mountain shall remain top secret until the expedition has begun but below are a few points to get a feel of what challenges lie ahead. This is going to be a real adventure where the biggest task is going to be preparing for the UNKNOWN!

High altitude climbing


Technical terrain

rock, snow & ice

Remote camping & limited amenities

True adventure where nobody been before

“This is a once in a lifetime chance to make a First Ascent in Nepal and put ourselves and everyone who’s on the journey with us in the history books.” 

Alex & Max

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